WEESKELF is the home of Canadian conformation champion Norwegian Elkhounds & Shetland Sheepdogs.  WEESKELF has produced MBIS, MBISS,  and Group winning dogs in German Shepherds & Miniature Pinschers which are no longer bred at Weeskelf.

All dogs are CKC registered as are the offspring. Most pups sold here will go with a CKC Non-breeding contract until a conformation or obedience title is obtained. The breeding dogs are x-rayed on hips/elbows, tested for MDR1, VWD, Thyroid and CERF eye test.

I have been breeding show winning and great family pets in the following breeds - Min Pins (1986-2010) - Shelties (1981 off and on to present) - German Shepherds - (1974- 2009), and now showing the  Norwegian Elkhound. With over 25 champions (in a combination of all the breeds named), some in three countries, on limited show circuits, I am constantly looking for the ideal dog. Perfection can come in any size packages. Sometimes life surprises you and you get a once in a life time show dog.

I do not breed for pet people, I breed for my next show dog. If a few become pets because there is no show home to go to, then those buyers are the luckiest people I know. I would sooner see a dog in the perfect home than worry about he/she being shown.

My goal is to make a positive contribution and promote the Miniature Pinscher, Norwegian Elkhound & Shetland Sheepdog.

Our dogs are bred for Excellent Temperament, their Performance Ability, and to conform to the CKC Breed standard among other things such as good health.


WEESKELF believes in Showing/Breeding to better the Breed according to the CKC Standards. If you are looking to breed companions and wish us to help you in your search for this new prospective puppy; please do not contact us. WEESKELF will not help any companion breeder in finding more Min Pins/Shelties to breed under this code of ethics. We hold our ethics and values to the highest standards and expect anyone who wishes to gain our help to have the same thoughts on protecting our breed. If you are interested in a puppy to add to your home, but would like to possibly adopt from rescue please visit a Rescue Service  where you can find many dogs in need of forever loving homes.

As we can not guarantee the actions of other breeders, even through referral, we are not liable/responsible for any problems or misunderstandings that may occur. We will try very hard to get you in touch with whom we feel is reputable and responsible but make sure you do your own research into each breeder you contact.

So on that note, I hope you enjoy your visit and don't forget to hug your dog today. DO it, right now!  



RR #2



 I don't own any, but I also love the Appoloosa Horse!

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