Below: Annie  was WB,BW,BOS, BPIB & Best Puppy In Group at the June 2010 Kingston show! Many thanks to her young handler - Taylor King!

Just relaxing between shows! Weeskelf W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. & Taylor..

Annie's new owner arrived in August 2010 to pick up his dog. Annie only ever got 8 Canadian Championship points, but her new owner is happier than .... what can I say? California look out! Annie is moving to town! 


We received Boone (below) from Weeskelf Kennel on August 28 2010.  He was friendly and self confident from the start and quickly took over our home. He has developed and matured into a large confident male. He stands 27 inches at the shoulders and is 48 inches from nose to the base of his tail. His mature weight is 95 pounds. He is large boned and very thick through the chest.  So far he has demonstrated no health issues.
His greatest asset is his temperament. He is very outgoing and friendly toward adults and children. He loves to be petted and fussed over. He does not exhibit any of the typical stand-offishness of a mature male as our previous Shepherds had. He is very good with other dogs, ignoring the yappy little ones and interacting with larger ones without any signs of aggression. However, if challenged by an aggressive animal, he is not submissive and will stand his ground as expected from his kind.
His dark colour and long wavy coat with grey and tan feathering on his underside and legs prompts many questions as to his breed and origin. He looks very much like pictures of the original German Shepherd dogs from the 19th century.
In short, we would recommend his bloodline to anyone who desires a handsome, obedient and friendly animal for a house with both adults and children.
Judy D
   Arnprior, Ont.

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